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LTD «PRODTECHMASH» (Kishinev food equipment plant) — one of the leading Moldovan enterprises producing technological equipment for agricultural products processing and especially vegetable oil extraction.

The plant produces a wide range of equipment for oil crop seeds pressing: sets of equipment for the production of vegetable oil from sunflower seed, soybean, rape, safflower; oil presses (expellers), food and vegetable preserves equipment.

LTD «PRODTECHMASH» produces high-capacity equipment for vegetable oil extraction from oil crop seeds. These installations render high market and user properties possible.

We cooperate with Research Institutes and Design Offices in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. We supply our products to CIS countries, Poland, Bulgaria Romania, India, China etc. We keep constantly expanding the product line satisfying the needs of different customers.

LTD «PRODTECHMASH» has got own Design Office designing new products. The equipment produced by the plant is oriented at using modern technologies, low energy consumption and operational reliability.

Efficient management in the hard transition times made it possible to not only preserve, but also multiply the enterprise’s production potential.

Our plant maintains fruitful cooperation and implements joint projects with other equipment designers and producers working in food and processing industry in Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

We are always open for reliable partnership relations. We are governed by the principle of careful attitude to our customers and commitment to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

We aim to create and promote modern technologies and high-quality equipment to the world markets.

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