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PRODTECHMASH launches new website

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LTD «PRODTECHMASH» announced about launching an updated corporate website. Significantly changed the design of the resource, which is now fully reflects the visual concept of the company – sleek, modern and attractive. The site has also become more functional, operational and user-friendly, rich with useful information. The basis of a new resource based on the idea as simple and understandable to the visitor structure at the same time capacious and information-rich.

The new website has stylish design. The developers made it the most functional and convenient for visitors. Conceptually, a resource is a “data marts”: the most requested and relevant information is available in the direct access to the home page and updated online. In addition, it creates a partition, simply and logically structuring the company’s offer. This enables users of all classroom groups are able to easily find online is exactly what they need.

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