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Vegetable oil production by hot pressing method

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Oil pressing is a process of pressing decorticated (dehulled), ground, dehydrated and heattreated seeds of the oilyielding plants (oil seeds meal) in the oil expeller for final extraction.

Hot pressing is a process consisting of preheating of the oil seed meal in the roaster and oil pressing in the screwtype oil presses.

Preheating of the oil seed meal ensures that a minimum level of the residual oil content in the oilcake is achieved within 6 % after dual hot pressing.

At the same time the process of hot pressing ensures that the lowest rate of wear of the equipment is reached as the oil seed meal has the least abrasive abilities in relation to quickwearing parts of the press. First of all it relates to the components of the worm and pressing cage, where the oil is actually produced.

The hot press oil has a rich, more saturated tone color and a specific pleasant odor. The oil produced by hot pressing shall, if necessary, be refined in order to reduce hyperacidity occurred when heating in roasters.
PRODTECHMASH oilpressplant offers complex solutions for production of vegetable oil from the seeds of oilyielding plants, such as sunflower, soya, and rape by ONE or TWO stages of hot pressing in continuous closed cycle.

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