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Vegetable oil production from the Safflower-Seeds

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Safflower is an oilyielding plant growing in the arid regions of Central Asia, where it is considered as a major alternative oilbearing crop to sunflower.

The safflower oil is notable for high caloric content and nutritive value. The vegetable oil from the safflower seeds is produced by PRODTECHMASH oilpressplant using the following technology:

  1. Safflower seeds preparation and handling area
  2. Milling area
  3. Pressing area


The safflower seeds are transported to the Preparation Area after coarse separation. The seeds preparation unit includes a separator where the large and small contaminants are removed (by the use of cyclone and fan). Before coming to the separator the seeds pass through the charging hopper and magnetic trap.


Due to the fact that the safflower seeds have very hard peel, it needs to be hulled (shelled out) in order to produce oil. For this purpose the seeds, after Preparation Area, are transported to the Hulling Area. Then the dehulled (decorticated) seeds are fed to the separator where the kernel is separated from a large peel. The peel is removed to the waste by the pneumatic conveying system, and the milled kernel with a part of the peel is conveyed to the Pressing Area.

We believe that the remaining shell (considering its thickness) would be less abrasive than the whole seeds, while the abrasive wear of the equipment should be as high as that when processing the sunflower seeds.


The prepared seeds are fed by the conveyor to the Press for Preliminary Expression where the oil seed meal is ground and heated, and then it moves to the М8МШП Oil Expeller .

With a view to increase the oil yield we propose the seedcake from the first М8МШП Oil Expeller to be conveyed via a takeup unit to the second М8МШП Oil Expeller for final pressing. The seedcake from the second press is removed by the conveyor, and there is the oil tank with a pump installed between the first and the second М8МШП Oil Expellers.


The method ofhotexpression of the safflower oil includes preliminary heating of the hulled safflower seeds prior to the pressing. This ensures the higher yield of oil and the lower wear rate of the equipment. However, using this technology results in the oil milling cost rise, because the oil cockers and heaters need to be procured. Also this method requires the higher power inputs.

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