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Вeodorization of vegetable oil

The complete solution for the deodorization of vegetable oil


The complex of deodorization is designed to remove from vegetable oil and fats:

  • deodorant and aromatic substances;
  • residual free fatty acids;
  • aldehydes and ketone defining taste and smell of oil;
  • undesirable foreign compounds polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, toxic products aflatoxins.

The process flow chart is provided periodically occurs in a high vacuum at a high temperature with a heating oil sparge steam.

Design of the solution

The complex consists of the following elements:

  1. Deodorizer
  2. recuperator
  3. deaerators
  4. Aggregate filtration
  5. Heat Exchangers
  6. drift eliminators
  7. Low-temperature liquid cooling installation (hladomashina)
  8. The steam generator
  9. superheater
  10. Centrifugal pumps
  11. A vacuum pump
  12. Cantilever Pumps
  13. Cooling towers
  14. The control cabinet
  15. Start control, shut-off and safety valves
  16. Nitric station

Monitoring and control

All components which are in contact with product (vegetable oil), are made of stainless steel (food) 12X18H10T sealed construction.
The complex provides high deodorization and does not require additional equipment.

Key characteristics

Geometric volume of deodorizer

The loading volume of the deodorizer, m³



Geometric volume of recuperator, m³

Geometric volume of deodorizer



Process temperature:
Deodorization, Tg, ° C
The temperature of the superheated steam, at least, ° C 250
Operating pressure of deodorization, mPa 0,13-0,4 *10–³
Residual pressure in the recuperator and deodorizer mmHg 340-60
Voltage electrical circuit, V 380
Installed capacity, kW  420

 Steam consumption

-on sparging, kg / h

-on coils, kg / h



Number of staff, pers.  2

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