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Vegetable oil line production

Solution for the production of vegetable oil from sunflower seeds using the method of single-phase cold pressing M8-MKI


Mobile solution M8-MKI is designed to process oil-bearing crops seeds (particularly the sunflower) into oil and cake using the cold pressing technology that excludes pre-grinding and wet-heat treatment of seeds.

Design of the solution

The set is comprised of the following main products: a worm loading conveyor with a receiving hopper, magnetic trap, drum separator, pre-pressing oil press, final pressing oil press, oil receiver with a pump unit, worm conveyor (for cake removal), control panel.  All set products are mounted on a common frame not requiring any additional base.

Monitoring and control

Solution maintenance and control over all manufacturing processes is performed by 1 person from a control panel.

Operating principle

Sunflower seeds, pre-fanned and pre-dried (humidity not more than 8%), are filled into the receiving hopper of the worm conveyor and supplied through the magnetic trap into the drum separator. Going through the magnetic trap the seeds are cleaned of tramp iron and going through the drum separator – of dust, minor and major dirt.

The cleaned seeds are supplied into the pre-pressing oil press for grinding and heating.  Further, the grinded and heated mass is supplied into the final extraction press.

The pressed oil drips through the clearances in the curb plates to the oil-receiver, while the cake shells get into the receiver-opening of the worm conveyor and are taken away from the assembly location.  The oil accumulated in the oil-receiver is pumped by the pump unit to the target destination.

Key characteristics

Throughput for sunflower 8 t/day
Residual oil content 9±2%
Installed capacity 32 kW
Power consumption 20 kW
Approximate output in the processing of cleaned sunflower seeds with 48±2% oil content, humidity — 7% and normal black dockage
crude oil 39±3%
cake 57±3%
losses 9±2%
Base cost of the equipment 26000 €


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