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Screw oilpress for vegetable extraction oil M8 MSHP


Screw oilpress M8-MShN | OILPRESSPLANT.EU


Screw oilpress M8-MShN ensures a continuous final extraction of oil seed from the cooked meal of sunflower, soybeans, rapeseeds and other oil-bearing crops seeds.

Design of the press

The press consists of the following components: frame, motor, gearbox housing with the screw shaft and the cone mechanism, half-chambers, the feeder.

The frame serves as a base and the press is rigid, svornuyu structure. The bed is set on a foundation (or a special stand) and attached to the base structure by means of anchor bolts.

Feeder press for uniform supply of pulp in zeernuyu camera. The actuator (motor – reducer) feeder allows adjustment of product supply during operation of the press.

Сurb chamber within which rotates the screw shaft with a set of units consists of two half-chambers interconnected by bolts, and is divided into four chambers. Each half-chambers, assembled from planks, between which there are gaps to release the pressed oil is a modular framework of the clamps, connecting plates and brackets set.

When assembling the camera zeernoy between curb half-chambers in the connector stacked blades are designed to loosen the molded product. And to prevent rotation of the pressed material with a screw shaft used barbed in curb half-chambers.

The screw shaft, with the inserted it functioning and intermediate rings, rotates in bearings mounted in the press housing. Screw links are used to pressing the product and move it along zeernogo cylinder.

Controlling the thickness of the cake exiting made conical mechanism comprises a conical guide sleeve, the movable sleeve, a rocker mechanism and a screw mechanism with flywheel.

The transfer of torque from the electric motor to the gearbox via the V-belt transmission, and from gear to the screw shaft through the sleeve-bolt coupling.

Operating principle for extraction of oil

The starting material (pulp sunflower or other oilseeds), meets the quality and free from ferromagnetic materials and impurities, is fed into the press feeder and from there to the screw shaft.

The press has made continuous mechanical separation of the liquid and solid phases seeds pressure created by the special design of the screw shaft and zeernyh half-chambers during the passage of the material.

To improve the backwater material, curb chamber located at the end of the press cone. Pressed oil flows through the plates in the tray, while the shells out of the press cake through the gap between the cone and release the ring.

Monitoring and control

Oilpress is easy to operate, reliable and durable subject technology for each type of seeds.

Key parameters

Efficiency, t/day
for sunflower 20÷22
for rape 10÷15
Residual oil in cake for absolutely dry primary material, % 7÷15
Installed capacity, kW 24,2
Dimensions, mm 4100 х 1150 х 2000
Space required, m2 4,8
Weight, kg 3250

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