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The set of equipment for the processing of soybeans M8 KPS


Complete solution for vegetable oil production from soybeans

Equipment for processing of soybeans


Equipment for the processing of soya (line M8-KPS) allows you to process soybeans into oil and oil cake (feed and food).

Design of the solution

The line consists of the following elements: a receiving unit 1, the waste storage 2, a separator 3, blowers waste-4Shelling unit 5, an extruder 6, the screw conveyor 7, an oil press final spin-8 suspension for Press- 9, the unloading conveyor 10, the frame 11, the pan (sump) -12, 13electrics, suspension-14.

Operating principle

Soybeans are loaded into the receiving unit 1, fed by gravity to a screw feeder which uniformly delivers it to the chain conveyor and further to the separator 3. Separator clears soybeans from suspended particles, inclusions weed, stone, and so forth. The crudely purified product from a gravity separator -3 enters the fine cleaning unit via the veneer-5, and the waste in the waste container 4. Suspended particles are sucked into the cyclone.
Purified soybean gravity fed into the extruder 6. There partially crushed by a screw, not crushed soybeans under high temperature and pressure to explode from internal stresses and transformed into a homogeneous mass which is extruded through a die of a press and is fed into the hopper of the screw conveyor 7.
Preheat the mass of soy-conveyor 7 is loaded into the press-pressed oil-9. The cake of product oil (cake) second screw conveyor 10 is drawn in the lower part of the press-conveyor 8 and fed to storage pomace.

Key characteristics

Performance for soybean seeds at least 350 kg/hour
Soybean decay degree,  at least 4 relative units
The installed capacity not more than 77 kW
 Space required  30 m2
 Weight  6500 kg

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