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Solution for the production of vegetable oil from rape seeds or soy beens usign the method of single-phase cold pressing


Rape oil production


Solution for the production of vegetable oil using the method of cold single-phase pressing from rape seeds or soy beans.

Design of the solution

  1. Receiving hopper
  2. Conveyor VTMZ (ВТМЗ)
  3. Roller mill installation ARV
  4. Heated conveyor 3-VTMZ
  5. Press MShP (MShP) — 2 pcs.
  6. Oil receiver with a pump
  7. Cake selecting conveyor
  8. Cake bin (optional)
  9. Oil storage tank (optional)

Monitoring and control

Solution maintenance and control over all manufacturing processes is performed by 1 person from a control panel.

Operating principle

Pre-fanned and pre-dried seeds are filled in receiving hopper (1) and conveyed by worm conveyor (2) to roller machine (3).  Here the seeds are grinded and transformed into meal.

The obtained meal is supplied by the heated conveyor to final extraction press (5), being heated and packed on its way.  The obtained oil goes through clearances in the curb cylinder, is accumulated on a tray and dripped into oil receiver (6).

From the oil receiver the oil is pumped to storage tank (9).  The cake running out of the press is transported by worm conveyor (7) to special bin (8).

Key characteristics

Throughput for sunflower 10 t/day
Residual oil content 8±2%
Installed capacity 43 kW
Power consumption 28 kW
Approximate output in the processing of cleaned sunflower seeds with 48±2% oil content, humidity — 7% and normal black dockage
crude oil 34±3%
cake 59±3%
losses 9±2%

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