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Seed cleaning line M8-KOS is designed to clean sunflower seeds from hulls.

Design of the line

Frame; conveyor; conveyor drive; feeding hopper; spout; magnetic separator; huller; huller drive; separator; sash; separator drive; tray; diffuser; fan unit; fan; cyclone; gate lock; lock drive; air screen; air-duct.

Operating principle

The product, loaded into the hopper from the conveyor, is supplied to the huller feeder.  The feeder distributes the product uniformly along its length and feeds to beaters.  The beaters, running at a high speed, beat the seeds against a deck reflecting them back to the beaters, the process repeated many times until the processed product free-runs to the huller discharge outlet.

The seed hulling quality depends on the humidity and oil-content.  The higher the oil-content, the harder the process of their hulling, and the higher the percentage of un-hulled remainder after processing that has to be returned for re-processing.  The higher the humidity, the higher the percentage of un-hulled remainder.

From the huller, the product is gravitationally supplied to the separator that sorts the product into: waste, meats, 3 mm diameter fraction, 4 mm diameter fraction.

Separator screens have a slope of up to 4…5° and ensure product sorting due to translational fore and aft oscillations of the eccentric with an amplitude of 10 mm.

The separator husk is sucked out by the fan through the air-duct and accumulated in the cyclone.  The cyclone air is cleaned in the air-screen and released into the atmosphere.

Key parameters

Efficiency, kg/hr (at max 7% seeds humidity) min 500
Installed capacity, kW 13,45
Operating staff, persons 1
Dimensions, mm 1
Габаритные размеры, мм
(without the fan unit)
3160 х 1075 х 3590
Weight, kg max 300

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