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The complete solution for the production of vegetable oil from oilseeds


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Mini factory is a complete solution for the production of vegetable oil from oilseeds, such as: sunflower, soybean and canola, by a single hot pressing method, in a complete continuous cycle.

Design of the solution

Mini plant of vegetable oil production consists of the following sites:

1 – site of preparation and cleaning the seeds  (a hopper, a set of cleaning seeds; screw conveyor; machine grinding-roller;

2 – heating branch (oven; fan; conveyor for the husks);

3 – plot pressing (3-vat roaster; press M8-MSHP; oil pan with pump, conveyor for screening cake; tank cake (in not supplied);

4-site of the oil clarification (intermediate storage tank for oil (not included); complex of oil filtration, installation of oil refining);

5 – land bottling and sealing (bottling and sealing instalation).

Operating principle

Production of vegetable oil from sunflower seeds:

Sunflower seeds, pre-winnowed and dried, fall in the hopper and are transported by the conveyor to ladle into the set of cleaning seeds M8-COS, where raw material are cleaning of the ferromagnetic impurities, small and large debris and dehulling.
Husk in the separator is sucked through the ventilation system ductwork and collected in a cyclone. A partially cleaned of the husk sunflower kernels (no mare than 20%), by the screw conveyor are picked up to the roller machine.
The crushed seeds pour out into the second hopper and feed by the conveyor into the 3-vat roaster, where they are heated, softened, and move closer together under the influence of temperature. Next, the heated pulp enters into the press of the final pressing. Under the pressure the compressed pulp separates on liquid part (oil) and solid particles are pressed into briquettes (cake). The oil passes through the gaps in pressing cylinder and going on a pallet and merges into a container with its subsequent pumping of the pump in the tank for collecting the oil, after which the oil is filtered in a complex oil filtration M8-KFM and refined in oil refining installation M8-LRM. Then refined sunflower oil, corresponding to Standard 1129-93, is bottled and sealing in polyethylene bottles. Cake, poured from the press, removed from the site by the screw conveyor.

Key characteristics

Performance of sunflower at least 10 tons / day
Residual oil content in the cake  10 ± 2%
Output in the processing of sunflower seed with the oil content of at least 48%,
Crude oil 37 ± 2%
Cake 43%
Husks (used for heating the oven) 20%
The installed capacity not more than 135 kW
 Power consumption  not more than 101 kW
 Space required  121 m2
 Weight  12500 kg

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