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Universal drying complex


The drying complex is designed for post-harvest processing (cleaning and drying) of cereals, legumes and cereals, maize, sunflower, canola with initial humidity to 40% and provides for the comprehensive mechanization of drying, cleaning, loading and unloading.
The complex is designed for farms or business units with an annual production of cereals, legumes and cereals, maize and rapeseed to 5000-5500 tonnes per year.
The system can be connected to a motorized granary.

Design of the solution

Grain cleaning and drying complex includes:
1. transceivers hopper, 2 elevators, grain separator 3cleansing, 4. capacity storage of dry grain, 5. drying (drying hopper, conveyor loading, unloading conveyor, fan), 6. oven to heat the air, working on sunflower husk, 7. chimney (on site), 7. The control cabinets complex.

Key characteristics

Productivity t / day (depending on the humidity of the raw material)
Overall dimensions, mm







Space required, m2 80
Type of energy consumption
thermal and electrical
Installed capacity, kW 35
Power consumption, kW 28
Voltage electrical circuit, V

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