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Vegetable oil filtering line M8-KFM


Vegetable oil filtering


The filtering complex is comprised of a drum mounted on a frame driven by a drive through a chain gear.

An oil tank is placed under the drum.  The hollow shaft of the drum is connected to the receiver via a product pipe.  The receiver is equipped with a baffle dividing it into two capacities, each connected to the drum by switching the T-valve.  Vacuum is created in the receiver by means of a vacuum station with a liquid-piston pump.

Connection of the receiver with the vacuum station is effected by means of a vacuum hose.  Beside the drum, a pump station is installed comprised of an electric pump and a reservoir for a mixture of perlite (filter powder) and oil.

Design of the line

Neutralization tank with a built-in gate stirrer, a stirrer drive, alkali dispenser, ejector, pump, piping and pipes mounted on a common base.
Operating principle

In the pump station, due to multiple pumping of the oil with perlite, a mix is prepared, which is then pumped into the tank under the drum, then the perlite is washed over the filter cloth stretched over the drum.

The drum runs at a 0.5 rpm rate, dipped into the tank with dirty oil; the oil, passing through the perlite layer (30 mm), filter cloth is cleaned of suspended matter and supplied to the receiver.  The contaminated part of perlite is cut off with a special micrometer feed knife that, each round of the drum, cuts off 0.05 mm of the washed-on perlite along with strained suspended particles.  The knife can be both automatically and manually fed.

The purified oil alternatively fills in now the left then the right part of the receiver, from where the oil is periodically pumped into consumer containers or a storage capacity.

Monitoring and control

Control over the process is performed from the control panel located in a convenient place.

Key parameters

Efficiency, l/hr 100—150*
Installed capacity, kW 8,25
Space required, m2 13
Weight, kg 1010

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