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Equipment for the refining of vegetable oils

The complex is designed for refining, washing, vacuum drying, bleaching of vegetable oils. Equipment for the vegetable oil refining is a separate unit mounted in a common line creamery.

The principle of operation of the complex for refining of vegetable oils:

Filtered, unrefined oil is fed to the neutralizer through a special nozzle, mounted at the top of the converter. The number of loaded starting material is determined by the level indicator.
After loading the vegetable oil is heated by steam or electric heating elements to a temperature low pressure on the index. Stirring and circulation of the raw material under heating and the pump is provided with a stirrer. The heated oil under continuous stirring, a solution of phosphoric acid to transfer non-hydratable phosphatides in a hydratable form. Then the measuring device of the alkali in the alkali solution supplied oil to neutralize the unreacted portion of the acid. Further, the converter is supplied with the softened water is continuously running mixer. Stirring is continued until the result is formed in the soap starts to separate from the oil well, and did not settle to the bottom, after which it merges into the container. Soaps obtained a little, depending on the acid number.
To remove residual soap oil past the neutralization process, it is fed into a vacuum drying apparatus where it is heated and the washing of dushiruyuschego device with constant stirring demineralized water heated to 90 degrees Celsius (the rate of 100 l of water per ton of oil). After washing agitator is stopped and the water passing through the oil layer, is deposited on the bottom of the machine, removing the oil from soap residues. Osazhennaya water is drained from the machine. The oil is heated under vacuum created by water ring vacuum pumps and the residual moisture is evaporated from the oil. The dried oil is supplied to a complex filtering cooking oil.

Technical specifications of the refining of vegetable oils

Productivity t / cycle 3
The duration of the cycle time
hour depends on the acid number
Occupied space sq. m. 30
Installed capacity of the complex kW no more than 90
The rated speed of the agitator shaft min-1               not more than 22.4
 V  380
Electricity  frequency  Hz  50

Further, the refined oil, according to the technological cycle, is recovered in line deodorization of vegetable oils.

Below you can see a photo gallery with the equipment for refining of vegetable oils:

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